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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Justin's baptism!

October 9, 2010
Today was Justin's special day...His baptism. He has prepared and waited for this for so long. He was so excited. We were so proud of him. Justin is such a sweet, happy, helpful, fun little boy. We are so happy to have him in our family and I know that he did the right thing by being baptized. More importantly he knows he did the right thing! Justin got a journal today from the primary and he was so excited to write in it all about his experience and the warm feeling he had. Rob did a great job baptising and confirming him and Justin felt the spirit so strong he said, I love that he recognized that and was so happy about it.
We started in the chapel where there was a talk on baptism and the holy ghost. Then they dismissed us 1 at a time. Justin was first. We went in to where the font was and Rob baptized him. Then we went into the young women's room. While waiting for them to change we wrote letters or testimonies to Justin. Then when they came in the 1st counselor had Justin come up and spoke for a minute. Then they had everyone come up who had been invited to confirm Justin. It was a beautiful prayer. (Justin said he fealt really warm and good inside). Then he had Rob and I both share our testimonies. Then Rochelle our primary president was able to share her testimony with him and gave him the journal. After we had some closing remarks and a closing prayer by Katie. It was really nice we talked for a minute then we went over to our house for lunch.
Rob and Justin

Rob, Justin, and Nicole

Justin with my parents and Rob's parents!

Justin's congrats cake!

Family and friends over after for some lunch and to celebrate. (I cooked a turkey the night before and got lot's of yummy stuff to eat)!

The kiddos playing in the back on the tramp!

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