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Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy 10 years Rob, a much needed getaway together!

Sept. 22-26, 2010
Well on Oct 4 Rob and I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. So to celebrate we wanted to do something fun but not too far away. So Nicole's mom was so sweet and willing to come and stay with the kids while Rob and I for the first time since we have had Justin gone out to celebrate overnight just the 2 of us. It was a much needed and wonderful experience we both enjoyed so much! Below are some pictures of the amazing 4 and 1/2 days we spent together!

For our 1st night we went downtown to the anniversary inn. We stayed in their nicest room and it was so beautiful. This is a picture of the breakfast they brought us. YUM! We had a great time not worrying about kids, and slept in even, something we never do, it felt great!
From downtown we walked around temple square, went on a tour of the lion house, and ate lunch there. Then we did some shopping at the gateway and the mall and drove up to Snowbird, where we were staying the following night. We checked in then walked around some it was so fun to be together and talk about so many things and reminisce about so many good times we have had together. Then we went to dinner at the lodge bistro and had a quiet evening just the 2 of us. Here is Rob on our walk near the lodge.

Here are Rob and I near the lodge.

This is the view off our balcony it was so beautiful. We ate our breakfast out here and just sat and read. It was peaceful and beautiful. The pool was just below us some and though we didn't swim it was fun to just be together.

Our room at snowbird. It was really nice, fireplace, full kitchen and beautiful view from the balcony!

After we checked out we took a tram ride up the mountainside. This was really cool to look over the entire valley and see so many things for miles!

Here is Rob at the top of the mountain. It was picturesque.

We started one hike but decided to hike down the mountain instead of taking the tram back down. Hoping for a nice quiet serene hike. Unfortunately we chose poorly. It was a steep, straight down hike the entire way!! If we had only known we would have chosen otherwise. We both love to hike but this was just steep loose rocks and we had to constantly be aware of your footing or you would slide and fall. Not the nice peaceful hike down the mountain to enjoy the beauties. Well now we know and we will never do that again! When we got back we headed up to park city. We decided to so some shopping at the outlets. Rob bought we a beautiful leather jacket for my birthday and we got him some new work clothes. It was fun to shop just the 2 of us and not worry about losing little ones, or kids touching things etc. Those days are so hard to remember. I think this was one of the first times in a long time we enjoyed shopping together! Then we went to the blue iguana for dinner in park city. It was good but not as good as the one down town. Then we headed up to my parents cabin where we would spend the next two days and nights.

While at the cabin we enjoyed the beautiful wildlife. Rob and I could here these moose from the cabin talking to each other. We walked to the top of the driveway and there they were a bull and cow looking at us, but didn't seem to care. I think we watched them for over an hour! It was so cool.

The bull and cow.

Up close of the cow.

Nicole at the cabin! Reading, playing games, watching movies, hanging out!

Rob reading and enjoying the peace and QUIET! We went to the diner for dinner down the road! Kind of a fun little place. Sunday we cleaned up and left after lunch and got home around dinner. My parents were at the house and the kids were so happy to see us. It was such a nice relaxing time together. We realized it was something we would need to do more often. The sleeping in, eating out, shopping, relaxing, and worrying about no one but yourself was so nice for a change. We love the kids but it was a great vacation. Thanks mom for allowing us such a great time, feel free to take the kids anytime! Thanks Rob for ten special and amazing years together. It was so fun to rekindle and fall in love all over again these few days! I hope we can have so many more memories and experiences together!

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Happy Anniversary! We are happy we could be a part of it. Please share your experience and any photos with others when you become a fan of Park City on Facebook, www.facebook.com/parkcityUT.