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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preparing for baptism!

October 7, 2010
We are so proud of Justin he is so excited for his baptism in a few days. About a year ago Justin received a book of Mormon. He told his dad and I that he wanted to read it before his baptism. We decided that we would read the whole thing together as a family before his baptism. He was so great at making sure this goal was reached. He would wake us up with scriptures in hand, or we would wake up and he would be sitting on the couch with his scriptures waiting to read. He was such a great reminder. Not to mention his reading improved so much throughout the year too as he read. Needless to say here is Justin on the Thursday before his baptism reading Moroni chapter 9. We decided to read chapter 10 the next night so his dad could be there. We met our goal and all the kids followed the promise and prayed about the book of Mormon. Justin said he felt so good about it and knew he was making the right decision by being baptized. We also had the senior missionaries come and teach Justin 6 lessons before his baptism to help prepare him. They came every Monday night and we discussed so many great topics. Justin knew so much and we were so proud of him. I guess our weekly FHE's have sunk in some. He had his baptism interview Sept. 28th with the bishop and he is so excited for his big day!

Justin reading in Moroni!

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Carlye Momma said...

NICOLE!!! How incredible! I love that it was his idea. I'm feeling a little inadequate here. Looks like we're gonna need to step up the "home teaching" a bit for my boys. You mark my words here little lady, that boy is going to be successful in everything he does if he dedicates himself the way he has with everything he's done so far. I'm super duper impressed. (and feeling a little on the lame side.)