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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lunch and fun!

September 2010

Today for fun I took the kids down to sugar house park and to have lunch with dad (he works in the blue offices in the background so he is really close to the park). I went and got pizza and sandwiches for all of us. Rob met us and after feeding the geese and ducks we found a pavilion and ate lunch. Then the kids built boats from sticks and leaves etc and floated them in the water. It was fun!

The kids playing with the ducks.

Ryan really liked running after all the geese!


Justin wanted to swim I think!

The kids with rob floating everything they could find in the water. Justin was pretty creative with what he was building. After Rob had to go back to work I took the kids over to play at the park for a while.

Then on the way home from the park I promised the kids I would take them to get their free cookies they got from the library summer reading. Here is Katie and Justin with their big cookie!

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