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Thursday, November 18, 2010

New swingset and dresses! Yes silly combo I know!

October 16, 2010
So today was quite an adventure. We bought a new play set on Wed. and today Rob and his brother are trying to put it together. His dad and mom came over and helped too. When his mom came she also brought some dresses she had gotten for the girls today and couldn't wait to give them to them. She is so great, she is always spoiling the kids and we all don't mind!

Katie and Megan in their new dresses, what was so cute is they also came with a dress for their dolls!

Katie and Megan modeling!

The beginnings of a the new swing set!

Look how far they came

By the end of the night!! It's almost done, if we had gotten all the correct parts I think they would have finished it. So the slide and rock wall will have to wait till the parts come in!

I think they like it! Now next spring we get the sand and tada!

The kids on Sunday. Katie and Megan in the new dresses! They love them!

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