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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Herriman Fire!

Sept. 19-20, 2010
This was a crazy couple of days for everyone in Herriman. The fire started off not seeming too bad from where we stood other than the horrible flames and black sky. But as the fire came over the mountain and just spread so quickly that is when I think everyone realized how scary and dangerously fast that fire actually was spreading. Although we weren't evacuated we packed up the kids finally due to the horrible smoke and headed to Rob's parents for the evening, praying for all the families that were in harms way. We were so grateful to all the fireman and volunteers who did so much and saved so many homes. It was unfortunate for those that burned but literally hundreds of others that were in harms way were not burned and it was a miracle. Rob's parents made all of us shower and change even our extra clothes were so smoke smelling they couldn't stand to be around us, it was that bad! Rob stayed up at city hall and volunteered until 4 in the morning. Then he went home to our house to sleep. The next day school was cancelled but we went back home. There was black soot and ash everywhere. It took days and weeks before our house didn't reek of smoke anymore and after much spring cleaning things began to look clean again. Thanks to everyone for all they did for us! We were so appreciative to all of them! This was a good experience for us as well we realized very quickly we took too long to get out of the home and we wouldn't have had that kind of time if we were evacuated. We put things that were really important to us together and tried to create a better plan for the future. I pray nothing like that will ever happen again!

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