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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Visiting Kennecott Copper!

July 9, 2010
A visit to the Kennecott copper mine with cousins! They all had a great time!

Megan looking into the huge mine!

The copper mine, this is amazing.
Amazingly you can see this from space (it's that big)! So awesome.

Me with the kids!

The kids playing on the old copper mine equipment. I took the kids into the gift shop and Justin was so cute he wanted to buy something to share with the other boy cousins and new friend. He bought with his own money them each a piece of pyrite and shared with them. He was so proud!

All the kids in the group in front of a truck tire. Now that is one big truck! I went with Rob's sister Christy, she was here with her kids visiting from TX. Some of her kids cousins came with us. They all had a great time together!

Katie playing at the park. We came up here after the mine to eat a picnic lunch and let the kids play.

Ryan and his cousin Bryan on the teeter totter.

Justin playing. They loved playing hide n seek inside these tires.

Ryan could have stayed in this swing the entire time if I would have let him! He loved it!

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