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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The pumpkin patch!

October 2010
Off to the pumpkin patch! I took the kids to get their pumpkins at a local farm near us! There was a lady there who does advertising for this farm and asked if she could take photos of my kids (since they are so gosh darn cute)! We had fun picking out pumpkins, playing on tractors, and of course the corn maze!
Ryan enjoying his ride in the wheelbarrow with his pumpkin!

Justin choosing just the right one!

Katie picking out her pumpkin!

Megan picking out her pumpkin!

Katie on the tractor

Megan on the tractor!

Justin with Ryan!

The kids in the fun corn maze!

On the porch with all their pumpkins!

The kids wanted to clean the pumpkins so here they are washing them!

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