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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Summer Vacation!

July 16-25, 2010

Our family vacation this year was so much fun. We drove to visit Rob's sister and her family in TX, of course we stopped to see all kinds of things along the way. We also went through OK, KS, and CO. Below are our journey's and adventures we had along the way!

A fun arch we drove by on our trip.

mom and Megan at Monticello UT Temple!

Rob and the kids!

Rob with kids on an overlook.

Rob with Ryan waiting to see cliff palace!

Cliff Palace isn't it amazing!

Rob and Katie coming down the steps to go to cliff palace tour!

Mom with the kids. Listening to the ranger tell us all about cliff palace and things to look for.

Justin, Megan & Katie just before going to tour cliff palace.

These are so amazing and so beautiful. It is just incredible to me that any person could even build such an amazing structure thousands of years ago too! It is a sight that I suggest everyone go see! Our kids were in awe the entire time they couldn't believe how they built these homes literally on cliffs! This is cliff palace and you can see why!

Megan and Katie at the ladder.

Megan in Balcony house.

Mesa Verde

While on the Balcony house tour the Ranger said that the young girls would use these stones to grind corn. She let any of the young girls that wanted to try it to do so.

Our Family at the Balcony house in Mesa Verde!

Justin climbing the latter at balcony house!

The kids hanging out before the tour!

Ryan and Rob looking over into El Paso TX

An overlook on the way to the Carlsbad caverns

Ranger Justin

Ranger Katie

Dad and kids outside cave

Going into the cave

Rob and Megan

Mom and kids

This cave is so beautiful this photo doesn't even begin to express how amazing and beautiful it is. And how big it is! WOW!

Katie in the cave!

Justin hanging in the cave

Megan, Rob and Ryan in the cave!

Megan inside the cave!

Mom and kids at Carlsbad Caverns.

Katie thought these were the coolest cactus's she wanted a picture with them. They of course were all over the place and they were really neat!

Rob with the kids at the river walk. They loved watching all the boats go by and see all the fun stores!

Kids on the river walk!

Rob and the kids at the Alamo. Just after we took this picture we stood in the courtyard and listened to a reenactment of the events that took place. It was really interesting.

Here at the Alamo is where Davy Crockett was killed along with so many others. This is a fountain in remembrance of him and several others. My kids are big Davy Crockett fans!

Rob and kids by cannon at the Alamo!

Rob and kids at the Alamo!

Mom with kids at Alamo!

Justin in front of Justin's ice-cream shop.

While driving in TX we saw the town Katy!

Justin at the beach in Houston. We had such a great day today sadly we were quite red the next day, for some reason the sunscreen I had didn't work too well. It was still fun though!

Mom and Ryan playing in the water!

Megan loved the ocean can you tell!

I couldn't believe how much our little crab cake Ryan loved the water. He thought he was in heaven I think!

Of course they all played in the sand and built a sandcastle.

He loved the beach so much, too bad we don't live closer to an ocean hugh!

Katie had so much fun collectiong seashells. I think that buckett was totally full when we left and I had to consolidate it all into one ziplock bag!

Our family at the beach! What a fun day we are so beach people!

The water wall in down town Houston. Pretty amazing. Nicole with Katie, Elizabeth, Justin and Gary.

Justin & Gary playing cowboys, they kept stealing the girls dress up stuff like real cowboys. The girls didn't think it was as fun as the boys.

Katie, Megan, Bryan, and Elizabeth. Playing dress up with cousins!

Today we all went to the space museum. Christy's husband is one of the engineers working on the space program mission to mars so we thought it would be fun to go and visit the museum. Justin jsut learned a little about space and has been so interested in black holes, rocketts, the moon etc. that we thought this would be a good learning experience for him and the other kids.

On the tram going out to see mission control and the spaceshuttles.

This is the actual mission control from the space center.

Rob and Megan at space museum

Ryan looking at a spaceshuttle.

Rob with all the kids in front of a huge spaceshuttle that was never launched (they ran out of money). It was HUGE, this picture doesn't do it justice. This is only a very teeny tiny piece of it.

Katie at mission control

Star wars exibit and activities at the space center.

We went to dinner at the Kemah lighthouse district. We ate at a seafood restaurant. While waiting for Gary to come we let the kids drive these boats around in the water outside the restaurant. They thought this was so fun!

Christy has little toads that hop all over the yard. Here is Justin with one that he caught. They are more prevellent at night so finding this in the day was really cool! They are really small.

Rob with with his sister Christy. The reason we came on this trip was to come to visit her and her family in TX.

While in Tx on the way to Ok we drove up through Dallas and went to the stockyards where we watched one of their daily cattle drives. Here the cowboys drive all the cowboys down main street. The kids had a lot of fun watching the cowboys crack their whips and see the animals!

Rob with the kids watching the horses and cattle come!

Katie modeling a pink cowgirl hat. She was having a hard time deciding what suvenier she wanted.

Justin is pretending to be the horse of this play stage coach. We did some shopping in here and looked around. It was a neat little place.

Megan, Katie and Justin at the stockyards standing by an old stage coach.

Kids in front of the Ok City bombing memorial

Rob with Justin, Katie and Megan by Ok city memorial

Jusin, Katie, Megan and Rob by reflection pool at Ok bombing site! This was horrific, but facinating. You could see pieces of the old building and for blocks away you could see the damage that was done to so many of the neighboring buildings. This was a peaceful place and our kids could sence the peace that was here.

The childrens exibit there are built in chalk boards in the ground where the kids can draw a picture and sign their names to all the kids involved in the bombing.

Justin made a heart and colored it and signed his name he really got into this!

Katie in front of one of these massive and amazing sculptures. These represented the time when people would put everything they owned in their wagons then race to stake a claim on their lands. This is how much of the land in Ok was given.

Bricktown Ok the Centennial land run monuments

The kids, the gardening and landscaping was amazing.

Our Family!

sign of the monument

Kids by the Indian near a trading post we stopped at.

Walking the yellow brick road in oz town!

Katie and Justin with the scarecrow and tin man!

The kids faces in munchkins (I love that Ryan is a girl and Katie is in the boy. (oops)

Oz town sign, I must say unless you are headed this way, this was a complete tourist trap, not really that great. The kids liked it ok but it wasn't anything fantastic. But hey we were going this way anyway so why not!

This was what the kids had been waiting for! The Dalton Gang hideout. I found this place online and it looked so cool! A group of brothers came here after robbing banks, trains, etc. they would hideout in the home then take this underground tunnell they built to the stables where they would stowaway and getaway. It was the brothers sister and her husbands home and store.

Upstairs they have a museum of old guns, artifacts and things and this 2 headed stuffed calf is up there. It is really weird yet also interesting as well.

Here are the kids going inside the tunnel.

Megan, Justin and Katie on other side of tunnel, this is the store and house the sister lived in.

Katie and Megan in the saloon.

Megan, Katie, and Ryan in jail.

Rob and kids in front of the hideout.

The kids were so excited to see this Dalton Gang hideout.

The boot hill museum and store.

While in Dodge city we watched a reenactment of a wild west gun show. The kids loved watching the good and bad guys fight each other and shoot each other just like the old west. Even Rob and I were into it. It was really cool!

Dodge city, well known for some very famous gunfighters. Many country songs are written about this place too.

The kids by Santa Fe trail sign. We had to leave here in quite a hurry a swarm of mosquitos attacked all of us.

Here we see the pioneer Rutts still in the grass from the pioneers. On the sante Fe trail!

The grains and grasslands, isn't that pretty!

As we were driving we saw this rainbow and the beautiful prairie lands.

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