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Friday, November 12, 2010

Telling Rob I'm Pregnant!

August 5, 2010

So today I found out we were having baby #5. I wanted to tell Rob in a silly but creative way. I took a sheet of sticky notes and stuck them all over our bathroom mirror with different things on them like... #5, boy? , girl?, c-section, Jan-March, pink, blue, daddy, firsts, etc etc you get the idea, then I left the pregnancy test showing positive on counter underneath them all. He walked in and saw them all and was so excited. He kinda had a good idea I was already.


Shake-N-Bake said...


Carlye Momma said...

What a cute way to tell him! You are a cute mommy. Congratulations!

Allison said...

oh wow! you are wonder woman! Congratulations! 5 lucky little kiddos, that's for sure! :)

jefferies said...

Holy blog update batman!!
Congrats on baby #5!! You and your family are all adorable!