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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rob's Grandpa's funeral

June 2010
Rob's grandpa passed away on the 12th while we were in Park City with my friends. The next week was the viewing and funeral etc. Here are some of the pictures of the funeral services. Grandpa was such an amazing person that taught my family so much. They loved his candy drawer, fishing, excellent musician, great testimony, told great stories, blankets he gave all the kids when they were born, and was one of the most amazing people I have ever been blessed to know. We will miss you so much.
Mom with Katie, Megan, and Ryan

Rob with Justin, Katie and Ryan

Because Grandpa was a veteran Rob suggested they have a military funeral. They did the gun salute and had the flag on his coffin. It was a really neat addition to the services.

The pallbearers. (Rob is 3rd on right).

Our cute Megan

21 gun salute.

The kiddos.

The coffin

Rob with his brother and sisters, I'm hiding in the back

Megan and her 2nd cousin they just picked candy that one of Rob's cousins brought to symbolize the candy drawer that grandpa had, everyone including the adults always got to get a candy from the drawer.

Mom and Ryan at the viewing.

Megan and Katie with Grandpa

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