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Friday, November 12, 2010

Some fun shots!

August 2010
Below are some of the fun things we did in August with the kids.

Aug. 23, 2010 tonight we went to the Amphitheater and watched Guys and Dolls. Rob's sister was in the production. She did a really great job.
August 27-28, 2010
We took the kids up to the cabin for the night they had a great time. We watched movies, danced played games, went on a hike, and did some geocaching! We found 3 of the5 we were looking for. And we told the kids at the cabin that mom was having another baby. Justin was a little sad, but the others were really excited. He was sad come to find out because he thought he would lose his seat in the car? We cleared that up and then he was just fine! We explained mommy was due in March and they can't wait! The picture above is up by Smith and Morehouse looking for a geocache and going on a little hike around the reservoir.

Looking for a geocache by this bridge. But we never found this one.

The kids playing on the deck and feeding the birds and chipmunks peanuts. Justin is dangling his friend bear over the railing with a sign, deer crossing.

Megan dancing around the cabin bar.

Aug. 2010
Ryan is becoming such a gentleman. He will take any baby, barbie, etc and dance around with it. It is so cute to watch him.

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