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Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicole!

October 23rd, 2008
Today was my birthday. It was so nice. The kids and Rob woke up early and got everything ready and made breakfast. I opened presents and they were great Rod works Gift Cert. (Yeah my favorite), a beautiful silver bracelet, and lot's of fun pics and cards from the kids. I also got a new wall sign. I decided to start off the day by going to the gym and excercising and relaxing. It was great. When I got home 3 sisters from the ward were here to visit. Yeah! Then I went shopping to Rod works of course and Costco for some food storage. When I got home I got dinner ready and played with the kids. When Rob came home he handed me flowers and said to go get changed were going out. He took me to dinner which was so nice and my sister was right behind him to watch the kids (what a suprise) he had even found a sitter. While I was gone my sister and the kids made brownies (since I don't care for cake much), and a cute sign. When we got back they sang Happy Birthday and did that routine. It was such a nice day and I appreciated my sweet and thoughtful husband and all he had done for me. Thanks for a great and memorable birthday! (I also got lot's of calls & wishes from many close friends and family)!
My flowers

Happy Birthday to me!

The family

Me and the kids with my cute sister (Thanks Shannon for watching the kids for us)!

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Nannon said...

It was my pleasure...we had fun!