Happy Thanksgiving

Friday, November 7, 2008

Playing in the snow and Canning Chicken!

November 2008
Today I went over to my friend Heidis to can chicken. While there the kids decided to play out in the freshly fallen snow! Here are some of the pics of them!
Tiana and Justin with the snowman they built!

All the kids in the snow!

Tiana and Justin!

Katie playing in the snow!

Hi Justin!

I got my chicken done. Thanks Heidi for teaching and helping me. I want a pressure cooker for Christmas now.


Allison said...

My sister has been canning chicken for about a year now and I keep meaning to do it. She recently put a tutorial on her blog, so now I really have no excuse! She said it's easy...do you agree? Way to go!

Becky said...

Let me guess, chicken sale at Macey's? I bought 80 lbs. It's all frozen right now waiting to be canned.

Kate Jefferies said...

AWesome! I have some friends up here canning chicken too. It sounds so easy. I think we will try that next. What a great protein source for food storage!