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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 13, 2008 Scott and Stacy wedding!

November 13, 2008 Stacy & Scott Wedding!

The new couple with all the kids

Coming out of the temple!

Katie and Megan looking out the window from the Kirkland room of the Joseph Smith Memorial building looking at the temple. All the kids loved this they thought it was so fun to see everything from a birds eye view!
I Love to see the temple!

All the grandkids and Scott & Alicia sang together!

Scott and his new bride!

Katie being happy!

Scott played Stacy the song Grow old along with me on his guitar. It was really great. Her dad also sang her a song. And all of Scott's family (us)sang too. They come from such a musical family that this was perfect for Scott.

My kids at the temple!

The Grandkids at the reception! They looked great!

Katie at the reception!

Megan playing in one of many of the fountains. All the kids were soaked before the reception evee started. Oh well they had fun I guess. They had the reception at the Western Gardens and it was really nice.

Megan with Grandpa! I think she wanted mommy though!

Nicole with her girls!
Oh they looked so adorable! Don't worry girls "someday your prince will come too...for Stacy that Someday was today!"

We set up a movie in the middle of all the Christmas trees on sale at the nursery (the kids thought it was their secret hideout). They looked cute and it kept them entertained for a while. Thanks Peter Pan!

Rob was the best man he looked so great in his tux! Here he is with his big buddy Justin! He kept finding his dad in the line and hanging out with him. He was sure cute.

Grandpa giving Katie a kiss!

Scott & Stacy cutting the cake! And yes they were actually both very nice to each other!

The kids loved dancing!
The new couple and their first dance together! I love this picture!

Scott getting Stacy's garder to flip to all the single guys.


Brooke said...

I love the kids looking at the temple. So sweet! They look darling in those colors too!

The Dunham Family said...

What great pictures, it looks like a great time.