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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Telling the kids we were having a baby!

November 9, 2008
Today after church we told the kids I would be having a baby. I set the table with bibs as place matts, bottles as cups, baby bowls, baby spoons, and little baby books everywhere. They just laughed and said we aren't babies we aren't using these. They didn't think it was very funny of mommy to be tricking them in this way. We had to really work on them to get them thinking why would we have done this and eventually they figured it out. Although Justin didn't believe us at first he still thought I was joking. I had to go and get the ultrasound picture for him to really believe us.

Here we are at the table!

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Tina said...

Very Cute way of telling the family! Congrads!! I love all your pictures and the pictures of the wedding!!