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Friday, November 7, 2008

I deseved it!

November 2008
Okay so here is a story for you. Do you ever have something that you are looking forward too, really looking forward too and inside kind of excited about. Almost like a kid on Christmas morning. Well that was me on this day. I signed up for a class at Hobby lobby with a friend of mine from Robs work to learn how to decorate cakes. Well the class started at 6 I had it all planned out I would drop the kids off at 5:30 at the gym then Rob would work out and the kids would play in the child care. I would go to my class and perfect! Well not exactlly, last minute Rob had to stay at work and finish a job for the partner so that left me taking the three kids to my class, no big deal I have good kids. They know how important this is to me. I prepped them I bought them all a little toy to sit and play with in the corner quietly. Well not so. I must say that normally my kids really are good and they know when I am serious about things. They will sit and are really quite good. Well not this night, tonight it all backfired! My kids were the worst I have ever seen them really. Running around making noise, chasing one another, sliding on boxes, etc....basically horrible (not usually like my kids). Well I guess they had had too much sugar that day or were in a really silly mood or something. I was so embarrased when dad got there about 6:30 or so I handed the kids to him and almost started to cry. I had truly had it up to that point and I am one patient mom. I quickly explained what they had done and Rob gave them quite the talking too on the way home. Needless to say they didn't get to go to the gym to play but instead they got to go to the store and buy mommy flowers, and then went home to bed!!! Yup when I got home Rob had bought me a dozen roses and the kids bought me another set of flowers. I honestly didn't feel too bad about it. I will clarify I was in no way upset at Rob I understood he had to stay I was really just dissappointed with my kids. But they all made it up to me. And on the way home I actually went to our Enrichment at the ward for another hour and a half then I came home and that was great I needed that. As much as I love my kids I will say tonight they really pushed a lot of buttons. I am so glad I had places to go and relax for a few hours alone. I was excited to see them the next day and each one of them woke up and gave me hugs and appologized for the way they acted. Katie even said to me "mom are we still in trouble". They all promised that they would be better in the future and never act like that again and I told them I would hold them to that promise. I have good kids they just had a crazy night I guess. Anyway below are the flowers I got.


Allison said...

Oh, my stars!! What a great husband to have the kids go to such an effort to apologize! I'm stunned! If I had flowers for everytime my kids acted out and/or embarrassed me my home would be continually filled with the scent of fresh flowers! :) You ARE patient, so I'm sure if they got to you it was pretty bad! It's good to know they're normal kids, though, right???

Becky said...

I loved this story. Makes me feel somewhat normal. How nice of your husband to handle everything the way he did. You are blessed. So, did you learn how to decorate cakes?


I wish you would have called me!! I would have watched the kids. You definitely deserved the flowers! Promise you will call me next time -k-

Nannon said...

What? My little angel friends were bad? Good thing they are never that way when I baby sit. :) Good job Rob on the flowers! They were totally deserved!