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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Megan!

March 13, 2010
Today my baby girl turned 3! And what an eventful day she had too. We love you so much Megan and can't begin to believe that it has been three years already. You are all girl and such a fun and loving sister and friend! Keep smiling and making us laugh! You have been our most hugable and cuddly kid yet and we never get enough of all the hugs and loves. Thanks for being such a sweet and wonderful daughter!

Megan opening her presents! She got this "Pretty" for her birthday from my mom.

After opening and playing with presents Robs parents came and got her and took her to build-a-bear for her birthday. She picked out a dog and named him tinker bell dogie. She loves this dog so much!

Megan with her dog!

Later that day she really wanted to go to Chucke-cheese! Here are the kids with Chucke!

This was by far Megan's favorite ride, the carousel. I think she rode it at least 20 times maybe more!

I had made a butterfly cake for Megan that's what she picked out, but by the time we got home from Chucke-cheese she had fallen asleep in the car and we couldn't get her awake to have ice-cream and cake she was worn out. So we did the next morning after church!

Megan with her cake! (In her "pretty of course" I told you she never takes them off)!

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