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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random pics with the kids!

March 2010
Here are some fun pictures of the kids this month!

Ryan is starting to crawl on all 4's not do his army crawl! Big accomplishment buddy!

Fun time with cousins from Texas! Katie Gary and Justin.

Megan decided to draw on herself with markers. I have no idea why, the best part about this picture is that is was snowing outside but she really wanted to go out and swim. She hasn't quite caught on that we don't swim in the snow!

I love this picture of the kids. All bathed and ready for bed and Sunday tomorrow! Notice the curlers in the girls hair, with 9:00 church that's the only way to go so things run that much smoother in the morning, you'd think we could make it on time but somehow we still can't manage that! Something always seems to happen just before we leave never fails!

Megan Rob and Ryan. Ryan is sick here! But I still thought it was a cute picture!

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