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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh what fun and silly times!

Jan-Feb 2010
I have such funny kids here are some fun and silly pictures of them!
Today while I was doing laundry the girls got into the lipstick...lovely don't you think?

Katie and Megan!

The kiddos!

Megan playing on the couch. This is my little Deva girly girl. She has a drawer full of pants but you'll hardly see them on her! She is usually in a dress, skirt, or ballet pretty (as she calls it). And usually with rings, necklaces and purses galore as well.

Good example of her always in her "Pretty" she wore this for over a month straight after Christmas. And still wears it all the time and it's now May!

I went in to check on my Megan and couldn't find her I finally found her in Justin's room asleep on his bed on top of him like this. How this was comfortable for either one of them I'll never know!

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