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Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Blue!

May 10, 2010

So this morning I was downstairs vacuuming and Megan said she needed to use the bathroom. I helped her over the gate to the stairs and then told her to come back down and play while I finished. After about 15 minutes I realized Megan never came back downstairs. I went upstairs to find her, and boy you couldn't miss her. For some reason she had decided to paint herself completely blue!!! She had gotten into my fingernail polish and it was everywhere! This picture really doesn't do her Justice because it was all over her and I was so frantic at getting it cleaned up that I took the photo after a good majority of it was already cleaned up and off of her and my carpets and floors! I guess this is one of those things I was talking about that I would miss someday in my last post. Somehow I don't see how but people say I will. This is why little Megan has the nickname "T" for trouble somehow she and trouble always tend to find one another!

Guilty party! She looks so innocent but the blue all over her would definitely give her away. She did say torry mommy torry over and over after.

Megan's blue legs.

Some of the blue all over the floor most of it was cleaned up already!

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Shannon said...

That's my little Diva! Sorry about the cleanup Nic, but doesn't she look pretty?