Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, May 10, 2010

The luckiest mom ever!

May 9, 2010

Today was my lucky day! Mother's day! I am so proud of my little family and so lucky to be their mother. I learn so much every day from all of them. Mostly patience but they sure do teach me so much more too. I am so lucky to have 4 beautiful children that I laugh, cheer, cry, and love so so much. I couldn't ask for anything greater. As mothers I think we often forget how fast this time goes. I know I lose sight of that so much. I am trying to be in the now and really enjoy my time with my sweet kids at this moment. It's hard to imagine that one day I may look back at this time in my life and miss sticky fingers, messes, lots of cooking and cleaning, homework, running kids everywhere, a clean house, and so much more. But I will surely miss the kisses, hugs, long talks, laughs, giggles, funny things they say, stories, and all the little feet running around. I just need to remember to always laugh at the hard and the good times and remember that one day I will look back on all these moments and laugh. I love all of my kids so much, thanks for being so wonderful!

The kids and I!

Happy day to me!

Ryan in his new little suit he looks so handsome!

When I got up this morning Katie was sweeping the floors in the mud room and Megan set the table (notice how many bowls she got out for us. I guess to her it must feel like there are 14 of us in the house). I didn't have the heart to tell her we only needed 6 really 5 since Ryan doesn't normally use a bowl. Justin was in his room all morning making little pictures and crafts. All my kids were doing so many nice things for me it was so great! (Why can't mothers day be every day)? At church the kids sang and they sounded so wonderful! Thanks!

After church we visited Robs and my mom. It was also Rob's dad's birthday. Here I am with my mom and sister! Rob told me to go shopping for mothers day so I did I got 2 necklaces (one in pic) and these capri Levis. Katie gave me the cutest book she made in preschool all about her and a card, Justin gave me a pot with flowers with jobs he was going to do for me that he made in school so nice, and Megan made me a cute picture of her hand prints with a little saying on it from nursery. All the kids also made me little succor flowers from church too. They were all so cute. Rob also let me get some new things to help me keep things organized which I really wanted and needed. In all it was a long but fun day. Thanks for everything all of you do for me you make it all worth it and I love all of you so much.


Sarah said...

Couple of thoughts:
-Love that Kenny Rogers song!
-You look so happy to be a mom.
-The bowls made me laugh,
-your clean counters made me laugh, and feel bad at my mothering skills.
-Is that Shannon? I love her dark hair.

Happy Belated Moms Day!

Rochelle said...

such a cute post! You're right, it is such a 'fun' time in our lives & I'm trying to enjoy it too, but it gets hard when they try our patience!! but I'm glad you realize how lucky you are:)
and Ryan looks so cute in his new suit!! love it