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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christmas Day! 2008!

December 25, 2008
What a great Christmas morning. The kids actually slept in until just after 7am amazing they never do that. And we had a white Christmas. A little more snow than we were thinking but it all worked out ok. And a great day being together with one another. We had such a great Christmas! Rob and Justin went and shoveled several of the neighbors walks and enjoyed the day serving others. It was nice to think of the savior and all he has done for us and our family.
We got a lot of snow on Christmas day! So much that we decided to just stay home and play in it and enjoy our new toys and things. We went visiting family another day! We were glad we did. Here is Justin by the snow in the front yard!

Justin with all his stuff! Merry Christmas!

Megan and Katie with all their presents.

Kids with grandma and grandpa and aunt Shannon and uncle Brandon!

The family by the tree!

Eating the homemade cinnamon and orange rolls I made (it's tradition what can I say) with fruit!

Justin and Rob with their new nerf guns!

Nicole with her new pressure cooker. I can't wait to bottle!

Rob with his new gun! He is so excited!

Megan with her princess bike helmet!

Megan trying on Katie's new shoes.

Mom and the girls!

Justin and his new bike!

Katie got her ponies she wanted!

Justin and Dad playing with his new race track!

The girls playing!

The kids just after they woke up waiting in our room for dad to make sure Santa wasn't still here and all was clear.

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