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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday to Rob's Grandpa!

January 17, 2009
Today was Rob's grandpas 90th birthday. We celebrated at Rob's parents house with most of his family there. Many from out of town. It was so fun to listen to him tell stories of him as a little boy and remember good times. He is such an amazing person and he has taught me so much. He taught music for most of his life (must be where Rob and all his family get it). He is devoted to whatever he does and has a smile that is so contagious. All of us took a minute to write a little of our feelings about him and then we compiled them all into a book and it was so fun to hear all of the memories everyone had of him. Most of us talked about his little red truck (the one we just bought from him), fishing trips, California trips, music, or his candy drawer (he has a drawer full of candy bars and every time you go visit you have to hit the drawer), his singing fish, and the blankets he has given all of the great-grandchildren when they were born (my kids sleep with theirs every night). What an amazing and thoughtful person who we are so happy to have in our lives. He has been through a lot. Including world war II, living on a farm, and knowing what it was like to live through really hard times. He is a hard worker and so giving. Thanks Grandpa for all you do we will never forget all the wonderful memories!
Grandpa at 90!
Grandpa with his over the hill glasses on and badge, and his new over the hill mouse pad. It was so funny.

Rob and his grandpa. If things go as planned our next boy will be named after Rob's grandma Romney, his wife.

Grandpa holding the book we made for him.

Grandpa with his 2 daughters Renee and Jody (Rob's mom)

Grandpa with all the great-grandchildren that were able to attend. There are a lot more but most of them live out of state.

Grandpa with all his grandsons that were there.

Blowing out all 90 candles. I was impressed only 3 blows.

The cake!

Megan and Katie playing with the balloons I was just waiting for one to pop but it never did. They were having such a good time on these.

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Swenson Family said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. That was a great party.
I also love all the pictures of your kids.