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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family Christmas Eve Party!

December 2008
Tonight was my family's Christmas party. They had dinner, played games, and Santa came to visit. Here are some of the pictures of the night.
Santa with Megan! She looks a little afraid but I don't know why!
Justin and Santa!

My Uncles dancing and pretending they are the long lost sisters from Idaho. My dad is the second from the left. I am so blessed that my dad is still with us. This past year he was diagnosed with Cancer and we were all afraid for him for a while. But he had surgery and they said it was well contained and they believe they got all of it. I am so glad and happy all went well. I love my dad so much and he has taught me so much in my life. I couldn't believe how silly he was acting something that is so not like him normally. Maybe it's that darn clown wig he has on?

Santa and Katie!

Megan with my mom.

Justin and Rob.


Santa sitting on my Dad's lap.

Megan waiting patiently for her dinner.

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