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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is it just bad luck?

Ok so again I was just thinking maybe it's because I went to pick up Katie from dance today and the garage door would get stuck halfway up and I couldn't believe that yet again one more thing is breaking on us. I don't know what it is but it seems that in the last 6 months we have had terrible luck. Everything seems to be breaking or having problems somehow. It's funny how you can go years without any of these things happening then in a short time period it all happens. Good thing we budget for rainy days I guess. Poor Rob his to do list just gets bigger and bigger. The minute he fixes one thing the next is around the corner. It started in September when our car drivers door wouldn't open Rob felt like with me being pregnant I couldn't keep climbing out the window or out the drivers side too long. Then the kitchen drain started leaking water, then the fireplace was making a loud boom (not a good thing for a gas fireplace), the dishwasher (I would do a load and at the end none of the water would be drained, it ended up being a small piece of glass stuck in the pump from a glass that had broken), then the sink in the kitchen again something completely different started leaking, washer stopped spinning out water, our vacuum stopped working so we had to get a new one, last week it was the toilet, and then today the garage. Wow maybe it's just me but it just seemed like a lot. Anyway I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining I really just think how ironic. What can you do, it's a good thing we bought a home warranty is all I keep saying. It's really all good, I just had to laugh about it today when it happened. Hopefully our unlucky luck will end soon! Some years it seems that we can't seem to stay out of the Dr's office for health reasons and this year I guess this is our trial.


Christenson's said...

I guess that is where the saying "When it rains it pours" comes from.... I hate that though it always does seem to work that way. Good thing he fixed the car door, it would have been kind of funny to watch you 9 months pregnant climbing out the window!!

Sorry for the string of bad luck... at least like you said it is not health issues you all are happy and safe and employed! Just a pain to deal with though so sorry...

Allison said...

I know what you mean! Our streak didn't involve so many break-downs, but we did have a run in with our dryer and then the furnace and then the dryer again..... I hope your luck turns around soon.