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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Eve!

December 24, 2008
Twas the night before Christmas....
What a fun night with the kids.
Making sugar cookies for Santa!

Frosting cookies!

Katie loved the pink frosting. She would use so much frosting and we would ask her what is that cookie, she would say "it's an icing mountain cookie" that it was too. The funny thing was that days later all of us were fighting for Katie's Icing mountain cookies because they had the most frosting on them.

Frosting cookies, or eating them.

Megan! I think she ate basically everything she touched!

Picking out which cookies they wanted for Santa and writing their letter to Santa.

Katie with the Reindeer food. We put this outside all over the snow for the reindeer!

Rob sprinkling the reindeer food!


Chad and Tina said...

I sent out a note asking for your favorite memory of Grandpa. It could be a few sentences, a paragraph, or whatever you would like. I need it by Friday...January 16th and no later. I am sorry to rush any of you, but that is when I need to put it together. I am including pictures, so if there are any pictures you would like to send please do! Thanks a million! I hope everyone is doing well. Please send it to me email...


Ashley and Andrew said...

So sweet. Look how grown up Megan looks in that first picture- crazy! Looks like you have some really fun traditions.