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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Megan is growing like a weed!

So I was just thinking today about how big my "baby" is getting. Amazing how kids sneak up on us. One minute they are these perfect little babies and in the glimpse of an eye they are grown up walking toddlers, who are talking, laughing, and understanding so much! Megan is such a great little girl and such a mommies girl. All my kids loved me don't get me wrong but this one is so much more attached to me than they were. She is also my hugger. Megan gives the best hugs ever and can plant one on you and never let go. It is so great when anyone needs a hug we always know who to get a good one from. She is talking more and it's so fun to see her personality growing. She says mom, dad, jee (Jesus), Justin, bapa (grandpa), mama (grandma), dink, b for button, owe, uh oh, pop pop (for dancing I think this is from Tiffany because of the song Katie danced too it said "pop pop Santa clause in it and ever since she refers to this), baby, me, megs, k t,tries to sing the alphabet, loves to dance, mo (more), cookie, she'll make this noise with her mouth whenever she wants to eat, cow, moo, horsey, dog, meow (cat), bah, melmo (Elmo), and so much more. She is fun to be around. The best is that though she doesn't say much but she knows everything I am saying. Any instruction I give her and she will do it. She is very obedient too. She is even starting to learn how to throw her own little tantrums at times. She has the nickname of trouble because somehow she always ends up knee deep in something either with the help of her siblings or all on her own. Anyway I love you baby girl and I admit I am a little nervous for you when Mommy has the baby I don't know how she'll do while I'm away at the hospital and with a new baby. Time shall tell I guess. Still love ya tons and hope you stop growing so fast.

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Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

That is so sweet! Your kids are all so adorable and lovely! I'm sorry about the bad luck with your house. That's a major bummer! Best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy. When are you due again?