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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Fun!

December 2008
My kids look forward to the big snowfalls every winter. The funny thing is Katie loves it as much as Justin. They couldn't wait to get out there this year and play. Here are some of the fun pictures of them having a good time!
Katie and Justin Sledding!

Katie and Justin at the start of a snowman!

Katie and Justin
Katie coming in to warm up!

The fun mess of snow clothes all over the mud room floor. It seems to look this way most of the winter. I guess this is what fun looks like!

And of course there is something about being in the cold that signifies a nice cup of hot chocolate when they come inside to warm them up! Sometimes I wonder if they only like to go outside and play because they know that in the end they'll get hot chocolate? Hmmmm I wonder?

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