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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fun at the cabin with friends!

January 3, 2009
This weekend we went up to our cabin for a fun weekend with Matt & Rochelle and their kids. We had a great time riding snowmobilles, playing games, watching movies, sledding, eating good food, hanging out and enjoying the great outdoors. Brooklynn had the most exciting adventure. She got to go down to insta-care since she was having a hard time breathing. She ended up in an ambulance to Primary childrens, where they kept her overnight and watched her breathing. With some good medicine though she and Matt were back at the cabin the next day and you would have never known she had been so sick. Other than this adventure I think everyone had a great time!
Justin riding on the back of the sled making sure we didn't lose anything. Such a trooper.

Brooklynn, Madeline, Rochelle, and Matt!

Megan and Katie on the snowmobille. They had so much fun riding around. Megan just fell asleep usually but the rest had fun!

Justin, Kelsie and Brooklynn sledding!

Justin and Kelsie pulling on the wishbone. It was too soft neither of them could break it.

We made a turkey while there and when everyone saw the Turkey they just started eating it to the bones, they looked like they hadn't eaten in days or something.

Katie sledding. She loves the outdoors.

Rochelle with Kelsie and Justin on the snowmobille!

Megan and Katie! Playing with grandpas hats!

Megan with the cabin bear, I wonder if she thought it was real. She kept giving him hugs.

Megan wanted to sled too! This is about as close as she got though.

Silly Chammy!

Kelsie and Justin watching a movie! They are really into it!

Rob trying snowboarding!

Rob with the snowboard!

Megan and Madeline!

Chammy being pulled by the kids on the snowmobille!

Kelsie and Justin driving the snowmobille.

Brooklynn and Katie playing in the snow. Sledding etc.

Megan feeding Madeline froot loops.

Kelsie and Justin watching a movie!

Katie watching movie and Brooklynn asleep!


Christenson's said...

Nicole that looks like so much fun... where is your cabin at? I glad you guys had such a great time... Looks like you had a great Christmas as well!

Christenson's said...

I mean I am glad.....

Nicole said...

It's near Kamas and Oakley. And it was a lot of fun. Anyone is welcome any time.