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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Animal dress up party!

September 23 2008
Katie is such a little girl though she loves playing with Justin she sure has her own very girly side too. Today I went in her room trying to find her since she had dissapeared for a while and was being so quiet (which is normally room for disaster). But I found her in there and she had put all her dress up jewlery on several of her animals and baby. It was so cute. And she was taking and playing with them all. I love this side of her. Pretend and dress up...it brings back so many fun memories of my sister and I as a kid.

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Allison said...

HOw sweet! Sounds like my little Ashton...he hasn't dressed them up yet, but he's always talking to, praying with, and cheering up his little animals! He gets out workout bands and puts them around their necks and "takes them for a walk"! I'm sure these two would be good friends!