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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Justin!

September 21, 2008
Oh Sweet baby boy. It feels like not too long ago that you were born. I can't imagine it has really been 6 years. wow! You have been such a great baby and a wonderful brother and we have been through so many things in these past years. I could never imagine what life would have been like without you. You have kept our lives full of adventure, happiness, love, and laughter. You are constantly amazing us and challenging yourself, something that makes you who you are today. I love your innocence and precious smiles. You are an incredible big brother to your 2 little sisters and stick up for them constantly. You have accomplished so much these past 6 years and I know that you have some amazing goals in life to continue to achieve. You love to learn and your creativity amazes me. You are constantly inventing new things and your adventurous spirit is one of never ending dreams. Thanks for being such a great son and never forget to let your light and love for others shine. We love you Justin. Here are some pictures of Justins birth to 6 years and his six year birthday.
Justin is born September 21, 2002
I love this picture he was so alert and laying on my shoulder, it felt so great to be a mother!

Justin Age 1
Look at the adventurous spirit about him!

Justin age 2 I love this as well look at the innocence in his eyes.

Justin age 3. So happy and carefree, he loved life!

Justin age 4, his love of trains was still there. He's growing up! This year we were in Disneyland on his birthday, one I don't think any of us will ever forget!

Justin age 5, here I think he looks like such a big kid!

Happy 6th. Justin has recently lost his 2 front teeth so it's hard to talk sometimes. He has been telling us all week "mom and dad I am going to be SICK on sunday" he was saying six but it didn't sound like it so we were teasing him all week. I guess you better stay in bed. Even Katie would say no six...it was really cute.

Justin with his presents!

Opening his presents! He got so many of the things he wanted. A remote control race car, bug magnifier, crash car, magnetix, clothes, hot wheels, paper and paints, and more. He kept telling us he wanted cotton candy for his birthday. Unfortunately after going to 6 stores with no luck I promised him some if we ever found it. He said that was ok.

Justin ready for church on his birthday!

Grandma and grandpa brought a present over after church. He was so excited when he opened it...in case you can't tell from the photo! It was a Razer scooter! He really wanted this the one with the 2 wheels he kept telling us and orange. That is exactly what he got.

Justin riding his scooter! He couldn't wait....we all went outside immediately and watched him go. He has been on this nonstop since he got it too!

Eating ice-cream cones.

Justin's soccer ball cake. Just what he wanted and perfect for our soccer star. Thanks Tracy for letting me borrow the cake patterns!

Justin put the candles on himself! He was so proud!

Make a wish! He did it, got them all blown out. In our house we have a tradition that we all get to have a turn blowing out the candles (then we use the candles). It's a kind of fun thing and the kids like that they all get a turn and then the birthday child gets another turn at the end. Then they get to cut the cake and have the first piece. Kind of fun! At least we think so.

We called and had my brother Brandon come over and blow out the candles too. His birthday is the 22nd the next day. The kids didn't mind that just meant another round of everyone taking turns to blow again!

Happy Birthday Justin, we are so proud of you and love you so much.

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