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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another one gone!

Aug. 30th 2008
So it happened Justin lost his 2nd tooth thoday! He bit into an apple and it was barely hanging on. Dad sat him on his lap took a look and pulled lightly. And there is was. He lost his second tooth. The tooth fairy came and left another dollar. (How many teeth do they lose I need to warn the tooth fairy). Jk. He went to the store and bought a big box of Junior mints to take to a movie we took the kids too on Labor day. Since it was raining we thought we would go see Kung fu Panda. It was a cute show and the kids really enjoyed it. Rob's sis came with us and her kids. It was fun. Thanks!
Good luck on the tooth kiddo.

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Allison said...

Oh wow, we have yet to loose ANY teeth, but we did find out today that one of Dallin's 6-year old molars is coming in! After all these years, he's teething again! We'd better start saving up for the "tooth fairy"!