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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Girl time!

August 2008
With Justin off to school the girls and I have done a litlle playing of our own! (not that we don't play all the time). Here are some photos of the girls doing what they know best...Playing. Katie is so much Justin's shadow and plays with him so incredibly well that I hoped that when he went to school Megan and her freindship and bond would come alive a little more. Megan has always been so little and it has just been recently that she is wanting to try and be BIG like her older siblings. She is now both of their shadows. I think this is the beginning of a great friendship. One that I hope will last a lifetime. I know that my own sister and I were the best of friends when we were young. We did everything together. So much so that I remember when I was looking for pictures for our wedding video I had to crop her out of most of them because we were always together and there were so few that I was in all by myself. I didn't mind though and I loved having her as my favorite playmate. I just hope my girls will have as strong a bond as we did...I love ya sis! (By the way call me we need to play)!
Katie and Megan playing with playdough, I think Megan ate most of hers to start with until she realized it didn't taste all that well. Then she began to play with it instead...and realized she quite enjoyed the sticky dough attatched to her fingers and everything else.

Megan playing baby with her teddy bear, she is trying to feed it a bottle.

Katie feeding her tiger a bottle, I love the bib. She is so funny and creative. And yes Tiger was drenched after.

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