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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"DEER" Me!

September 21 2008
So not only did Justin have a fun birthday we also had a visitor in our yard. This buck seems to like our apples, peaches, pears, and now the raspberries. He also likes to play with our swingset and my other yard items. In the past week I have found him in our yard more times than I can count and regardless of how many times I scare him away (only because I am slightly worried with 3 small kids running around) somehow he tends to find his way back. I have been told to tyr tobasco sauce, cayan pepper, human hair, or lever soap peeled around our trees may keep him away but I have yet to try any. I hope he will just stay away, it is making me so nervous that I won't send the kids outside until I go and make sure he isn't there first. And I find myself checking constantly. 2 days ago I picked all the peaches and pears off the trees and have been bottling, dehydrating, and freezing fruit like crazy, and I have only scratched the surface. I hoped that would work but it didn't now he is stripping the leaves off the trees and eating the flowers. He is also eating the apples still since I haven't picked those yet. I am trying to wait until after the first frost since they are so much better then! Silly deer!
Eating the apples. The worst part is that he only takes 1 bite of everything then moves on so he is wasting so much of the fruit, he could at least finish what he started don't you think. I guess the first bite is the best!

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Allison said...

That is hilarious! The little guy just found a new home it seems! I can't believe you have that much fruit in your own backyard!! WOW! Do you not have a fenced yard or does he jump the fence? My kids would be amazed to watch a deer in the yard...but I'm sure I be a little torked if he was eating one bite out of all my fruit!