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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Family Vacation. Goblin Valley!

September 17-19th our Family went on a vacation down to Goblin valley. We did a lot of fun things together below are some of the pictures of our fun adventures.
Rob and Justin in the Wild Horse canyon hike on our hike in the slott canyons.

Megan enjoying her time out of the backpack!

Katie decided to really take a good rest on this rest stop.

Katie hiking in the slott canyon! She loved it she would sing, and gallopp like a horse. Often she would pretend she was a super hero saving someone, it was really cute.

Doing some off roading this was so fun. Rob and I and the kids loved 4 wheeling and being in the middle of nowhere. Here we were on our way to Muddy Creak. We decided it was getting late so we turned around before we hit the end but it was so fun to be in the middle of the beautiful surroundings. It was really cool.

Justin and Katie scaling the slott canyon. This was one of the best hikes I have ever been on and I have been on a lot. It was not to hard for the kids, extremely beautiful, and one never knew what to expect on the next turn. It was really fun and the kids loved it too.

Rob scaled the canyon walls with Megan on his back, I will admit I was a little nervous. he doesn't look that high but he really was.

Justin and Katie under the tunnel rock (as they called it)!

Isn't it beautiful. The slotts just kept going and going.

Mommy and the kids. This was so fun to get some great one on one with each of the kids.

Justin in front of Molly's castle!

Eating their breakfast! Justin, Megan and Katie. These three bonded on this trip and it was so fun to watch them help each other and play with one another. We chose to camp on BLM land so no toilets, no running water. Just us and the land. We basically brought it all with us and if it wasn't burned or burried we took it back away with us. This is Rob's kind of camping and we all had fun. We had a great camping spot too. Or so we thought. Until we found the beehive in the tree nearby. We decided if we left them alone they would leave us alone too (that plan worked).
Lot's of lizards. But we didn't chase them. We were told that would make their tails fall off and then they wouldn't be as well adapted. so we just looked at them and watched them. They were everywhere and this one was really big.

Nicole on the hike. It was very sandy and I was pretty dirty. But oh it was a beautiful day and hike.
Katie and Rob hiking together.

Dad and the girls, they found a hiding spot. The kids loved doing this they would run ahead and hide then jump out and try to scare us. They were pretty good at it too.

Katie and Justin resting under this rock.

We found this cool cave. Rob helped the kids inside and we had a snack break in here. It was fairly large and Rob told the kids about how indians may have lived in here etc. He is quite the story teller at that. They were into it. It was pretty cool.

At the tippy top of the mountain. We kept telling them that that was where we were going and they would repeat it over and over, or ask "dad are we almost to the tippy top" it was cute. And we were so proud of them. They made it! Good job kids.

Justin mom and Katie on the top of the mountain looking down at all the goblins. So cool! The kids had a blast running in and out of them.

Katie hiking in the goblins! She loved trying to determine what they each looked like. Ducks, pigs, horses, chairs, etc. She was very creative.

Justin off exploring near our campsite. He loved doing this. He was so cute always wanting to show us what he had discovered. Here he had found a tree that had fallen into the ravine.

Justin Katie and Rob overlooking the goblins!

I love this photo. He looked so cute. He loved finding creative places to pose for the camera.

Mom with Katie and Justin in the goblins. Always looking for adventure.

Some offroading in the wash at sun down. It was so beautiful.

The kids enjoying their dinner.

Ok so this was a monumentous moment and one of glory for Rob. He Refused to throw away all of his CPA review books and study guides. He had to save a few to bring when we went camping just for this moment. To burn them. It brought him great accomplishment and peace to place that on the fire. He really enjoyed it. Normally we don't believe in burning books but we will admit it sure fealt nice to do this.

One of the CPA review books in the fire with the hot dog dinner.

Megan playing in the sand.


Turnbow Family said...

That looks like great fun!

Becky said...

'K, the CPA book in the fire is hilarious. I'll have to show that to Jason. You guys are so adventurous! I really admire that about you. That's one area where I need some serious improvement. I usually use my kids as an excuse not to do those types of vacations. Seeing your cute pictures makes me want to branch out and try something new. Did you guys camp? And, yes, lizard tails do fall off if you pick them up by the tail.

Swenson Family said...

That looked like it was so much fun. I loved all of the pictures. Congrats on your CPA. Thanks for sharing,
Ashley and DJ

Allison said...

Awesome hike! I've never seen anything like it! Absolutely gorgeous! You are so fun to take your kiddos out on such an adventure! We also love off-roading...we should meet up someday for some off-road fun!

Copngrats on the CPA!

Sparverius said...

Goblin Valley is one of my all-time favorite places to visit!

Looks like you had a great time!

Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

I LOVE that place! Man oh man! I miss it. It sure looks like you had fun. You guys are so awesome!