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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something I don't have much of...freetime with Megan!

September 2, 2008
Today while Justin and Katie were at school things were a little quiet and honestly it felt a little weird with just mommy and Megan together. I didn't mind though. It was fun playing with the little girl that is growing up so fast. Megan and I are playing "shopping" I think. She got this new bag from aunt Alicia and loves it. She would walk around the house putting misc. items in it then unload them on me and I had to put them all back just for her to recollect all over again. It was fun! We had a good time and it was great to bond with her in a way that was special just the 2 of us. Something she and I don't get much. I think this time is something I am going to really enjoy and grow to love.

Doesn't she look like such the little shopper, I think I'm in trouble!

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Amy & Mark Dial said...

Nice, Megan can be my shopping buddy. =) She looks so cute