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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Closing Ceremonies Party!

August 2008
Tonight we had all of Nicole's family over to watch the men win gold in volleyball and the closing ceremonies together. We had a lot of fun talking and hanging out. I must admit I loved the olympics and enjoyed watching them but in a small way I am glad they are over. Maybe I will start going to bed before 1 and 2 am now!

The gang
Amy and Breckin

Megan getting into her normal trouble. She climbed up onto the table outside to drive this little car and to get that glass of water behind her. Crazy kid.

All the kids on the tramp and playing!

Megan and Justin in the sand. Justin was in trouble for leaving the frosting out the night before so he is in the sand sulking since he didn't get any desert like the rest of us. You wouldn't know it by looking at him.

Megan And Grandpa playing together. She is going to be a dentist or hygenist when she grows up I swear! She always grabs your face and puts her fingers in your mouth. I think this is what they were doing here.

Katie and Ashlyn on the tramp. Ash broke her are just a few days before so she really isn't supposed to be on the tramp. SHHH! She did tell me she was being REALLY careful though.

Brinley and Ryker on the swing.

Megan driving her car around she is in the middle of a brumm when I snapped this.

My mom with payton. The newest baby in the family. She is so adorable.

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