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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Oh Sweeeet Megan!

September 2008
My little Megan is something else. She is so gosh darn busy. And I can't help but laugh at all the silly things she does all the time. It's like watching my own movie all day long in slow motion. (that doen't make a lot of sense sorry). She is always into things and keeps mommy on her toes.
One of Megan's favorite things is putting on all our shoes in the house. I find shoes all day long in various places. And Megan gets really upset if she can't get them on her feet or if she can't walk in them. Here she is in Dad's running shoes.

Megan is also a climber. She climbs into places her siblings wouldn't dream of. I told my mom she is just like her mom and my mom commented "is she climbing the door frames yet?" no I said, "then she is nothing compared to you" apperantely she is begining to take after her mother.

Trying to wear glasses!

I told the kids that we would go to the gym to play. A few minutes later Megan came out with her swimming suit partly on, inside out, over her clothes! I guess she thinks when I say gym it means swimming to her! We actually weren't planning on swimming at all.

I love this shot, she is laughing and so silly! I believe we are playing peek a boo.

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