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Monday, August 11, 2008

Another Fun Weekend at the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa!

Every time we go to the cabin my mom takes a new family picture for her wall. This was the newest one of the family. Cute hugh. I have no idea what Katie is looking at though. We spent a fun weekend at the cabin with my parents. Below are some of the pictures of our weekend with grandma and grandpa.

Katie playing on the shore, she is looking for a really good rock to throw in the water. At Smith and Morehouse we had just gone canoeing with the kids.
Relaxing in the cabin. Watching stargate!!! I think grandpa is getting hooked.

Rob with his girls! They sure do love their daddy. Justin in the back too.

Being silly with corn. How do you like to eat it? Like a typewriter, in circle or at the ends?

Rob in the canoe ride. He is having a great time! Really he loves this.

Justin using his stick to help dad and grandpa row.

Katie enjoying the ride.

Nicole and Grandpa. Dad said this was the first time he had ever been in a canoe. After this weekend we sure did wear him out. We aren't the type to just go and sit around (although we did do some of that too). We are a pretty active family and Grandpa realized that really fast. We took him mountain biking up there too, I just didn't get a picture of them. He slept good I think.

Rob and Justin in the canoe fishing. No keepers though. But they still had fun.

Grandpa and the kids on our hike.

Me with Megan. She tuckered out eventually.

Justin on the hike, he was our "leader" He said he was the Engine and we were all the train cars, he is so silly.

Dad and Katie, looking at nature.

Nicole and the kids on the hike. Oh we love the great outdoors. There is just nothing like it.

Megan with Grandpa looking at all the chipmunks on the deck! So precious.

I went on a hike with my dad and the kids. They were so funny. They all just kept on talking. My dad even said to me "they don't stop do they"? And of course they don't. They both had their walking sticks and in the middle of the hike Katie said to me mom I love this smell, and I said what smell, just that mountain smell.

Grandpa and Megan playing upstairs, they were having such a fun time. Grandpa would set up all the checkers then she would love hitting them all off and just giggle.

CUTE!!! My mom brought up Justin's favorite powdered donuts. Here is Katie after eating one. Yeah she looks good, Anyone for a kiss?

My little Toe Head. She is just like her mom BLONDIE.

The End of our trip this time.

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Becky said...

I never realized you guys were so outdoorsy until this weekend. I could tell you were experts. Is Rob's back okay? What a trooper! Hey, make sure you read ALL my bear tips! Ya never know... What an awesome family you guys are!