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Friday, August 15, 2008

Blog Tip:Google Reader! Thanks Shannon!

So I thought I'd clue in those of you that don't know about Google Reader. because I kind of stole this from my sister and thought I would pass it on to anyone who cared. Basically, you log into your Google account and go into Reader and load all the blogs you read. Then you log into Reader and it shows you which ones have new posts. It's great, you don't have to click through your list of everyone! It does not however work on the private blogs, but there aren't a ton of those!Anyways, go to the Google homepage, click on more (top middle of screen), select Reader and then go in and get started. It's pretty easy and saves time. I know I am going to do this to mine. Enjoy


Allison said...

I am SO a google reader fan! It saves TONS of time...but, yea, you do have to remember all those private blogs...like mine! Don't forget to read mine!! :)

RLRP said...

Oh - thanks for telling me about that! I think that's a great idea because I seriously have starting looking in on so many blogs. It's such a great thing, but it's getting to be time consuming!