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Friday, August 15, 2008

Primary Activity!

August 15, 2008
Today was the Primary kids summer party. They played a bunch of water games and had a great time. Here they are lining up.

Megan had fun playing with Molly and Shadow (the dogs). I was amazed at how playful she was with them and she had no fear of them. She does need to be a litlle softer though. She loves dogs.

Katie getting a kiss from Molly. She loves dogs too!

Justin just after he dumped a cup of water over his head because he was so hot!

And last but not least Happy Birthday Sarah and Annette only 28 & 29 today wow they look good don't they!


a.net said...

Thanks Nicole for the birthday wish!! Annette

Carlye Momma said...

What a CUTE posting! We had so much fun! Thanks for coming! I am absolutely IN LOVE with your kids!