Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rob's passion!

If Rob could have his way he would Mountain Bike every day! He loves it. If ever a hard day at work or just needing something fun to do to get his mind off things this is it. He can go on a great ride and come home refreshed and energized. I am so glad he has so many hobbies and things to do. I love to mountain bike with him it is one sport I took for granted before I met him. I used to think that can't be that hard, just a ton of fun, but quite the contrary. It is one of the hardest things I have done. Mountains are fun to come down on but biking up them is really another story. But what a workout. It is also one of the most beautiful ways to see the mountains the views are stunning, and the best part is the rush you feel coming down, wind in your hair and all. It is really a ton of fun. I love that you love it hun. Sorry I am still such a whimp when we go. I think I am having the ride of my life and scared to death all at the same time and sometimes I feel bad because I know that he is just there to support me because I know the rides he normally does are about 20 times harder and more fun. So thanks for your patience and having fun with me when we go. And I am glad that he get's to have that free time on his own too. Love ya!


Allison said...

If we lived closer our hubbies could ride together! We don't have any really great mountains here, but Aaron used to ride 3 mornings/week before his riding partner moved! I'm too wimpy to even try!! Way to go being brave and going with him!

Turnbow Family said...

yeah, I'm pretty sure we saw Rob getting on Bangeter with his bike on his car a few saturday's ago, the same saturday you were having your garage sale!!! I sure hope Rob appreciates what a good wife he has that lets him go do all of his recreational activites while you man the homefront!!!