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Monday, August 11, 2008

Swimming at the Gym!

Megan sitting by the pool this little girl has no fear of water and that actually makes me nervous since she screams every time I put on her life vest. She likes it off so much better so mommy has to be extra watchful of her. She will walk into the deep area until she starts to float and mommy has to pull her back up to safety, and you would think after repeating this hundreds of times she would learn to just play in the shallow area, but no she heads right back out again. And she insists on being like her brother and sister and having these goggles on just like them. even though they are gigantic for her. This is her with her mad face because I just brought her back to the shallow part.
Katie what a little fishy. She is so funny in the water. She loves to tell me she is going into the "deep part" which is only to her waist. And she loves to wear these goggles which 90% of the time are on the top of her head or full of water. But she insists on them. So we must have them of course!
Katie and Justin posing!
Megan loves the bubbles that shoot up.

This year we have spent a lot of time at the pool. All the kids love it and I have had a lot of fun teaching Justin how to swim too. He is doing really great too. His freestyle is getting really good. They all love the water and they ask me almost every day to go. We don't make it quite that often but we try to go as often as possible. I think my kids are part fish.

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