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Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh we're goin to the zoo zoo zoo....

August 12th 2008 Nicole with the 3 little ones. Katie Megan and Justin at the Zoo!
Guess Who????

Guess Three???

Silly kiddos. They were all putting these on being funny.

Jackson, Ashlyn, Ryker, Brinley, Katie and Justin on the Rhino!

Row Row Row your boat...Justin, Ashlyn, Megan, Brinley, & Katie in the boat.

The whole clan! Yup that was all of us.

Megan cute thing! I thought I loved water but this little girl really does!

Katie posing for the camera

Nicole and the kids on the tigers.

Ashlyn, Katie and Justin the Rock climbers!

Justin posing by the rocks.

Looking at the silly Monkeys

Megan, Brinley, Ryker, jackson, Breckin, Ashlyn, Justin & Katie (cousin party with the spitting elephant)!

The Kids by the Zebras!

Katie & Brinley looking at the Giraffes! Katie asked to go and see them the minute we got to the zoo, I don't know why but she was really excited for this.

Katie & Justin waiting so patiently to ride the train. Justin was especially excited since last year we waited until the end of the day to ride the train and it had derailed and wasn't working. That cruched our little train lover. So this year he reminded us to ride the train first, so we did.

Riding the rails! Choo...Choo!

Justin, Katie and Megan on the train

Something caught Megan and Grandma's eye, I loved this picture.

Justin and Katie looking at the animals they were so excited they kept pointing to each one then laughing.

...you can come too too too... On Tuesday the kids went on their annual trip to the zoo with grandma. They all had such a great time too.

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Carlye Momma said...

GOTTA LOVE THAT ZOO!!! Oh I'm SO glad you have a blog! Of course you can stalk me whenever you want ;-) I don't mind! You're so funny! It's way easier to keep up on this thing than it is on Facebook...thanks for finding me! I'm adding you to mine too!