Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, August 17, 2008


I've seen this "tag" thing floating around in blogland, where people leave memories for each other. I thought it seemed like a fun thing to do, so please, play along? :)

As a comment, leave a favorite memory you have of me. If, by chance, we've never met in person, just tell me something that will make me smile. :)


Brent & Kate Jefferies said...

Ditto-I remember you being one of the nicest people that I worked with at Brighton Camp. You were always so cheerful. I remember midnight kitchen raids. I remember hikes and zipline and Indian Ceremony. I remember your U of U key chain that played the fight song. You were so cool it almost made me want to transfer from BYU. :-)

Robert said...

Getting married and spending 8 wonderful years with you.

Allison said...

ahh, what a sweet husband!

Anyway, in the grand picture we don't have THAT much life experience together, but let's face it, 10 weeks in the MTC as companions equals about 5 years in real-life time, right??? The main hang-up I remember us having was that I bleed blue and you're...well....a Ute! j/k, that never seemed to get in our way!! One clear memory I have of you is walking the halls EVERY morning at an insanely early hour working on your Spanish. I've NEVER, EVER seen anyone work as hard as you did! Spanish came more easily for me and I wished I could do more to help you. I remember trying to get up a few times to walk and study with you...but it nearly killed me! Of course I remember that awesome band of Elders we were forced to practically live with for the 10 weeks! They were annoying (and stinky!) and fun all at the same time...like little brothers!

You are also the absolutely nicest person I have ever met....truly without guile. It was an honor to be your companion for 10 weeks. Thanks for putting up with me when I was a stink! Thanks for letting me be your friend....we really should meet up again someday!

Soledad said...

You were a great missionary, always had a smile on your face! That is what I remember about you. A happy hermana.

Turnbow Family said...

We trained for the big Herriman 10K a few years ago. We had lots of fun and you were a great training partner, always there to push me! I always enjoyed having a little time for an adult conversation, amidst all the hyperventilating of course :)