Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, August 25, 2008

Thanks Jen!

I have the sweetest neighbor Jen who told me about a great article in the Ensign for August that I should read. Well I did, actually a few weeks ago but today I was thinking a lot about what it said. It's entitled "Grasshoppers, purple Bathtubs, & other Surprises" if you haven't read it do it's really a great yet short article and a great reminder to mom's. It helped me to realize that kids are only kids, that my son cutting Katie's hair, or Megan flushing things down the toilet, or Katie tantrums (I could go on)....are only normal they happen to everyone and it's ok. It's all part of them growing up and me being there for them. It also helped me to refocus on the kids and remember to ask before judging and finding out their true intentions. (like why Justin cut Katies hair...apperantly she had a really big snarl and they couldn't get it out so cutting it was the logical thing to do...he wasn't just playing beauty shop)...etc...It helped me remember what it's like to be a kid again and the enthusiasm they have and the energy they bring to my family. I am so happy to have them and crayon on the wall and any other crazy obstacle thrown my way is ok... we will get over it and move on and as long as everyone survived, it will be ok. Anyway I have a new outlook on things, so thanks Jen for pointing it out to me. I hadn't quite gotten that far yet and I was glad I skipped ahead to read it. And thanks for letting my kids be entertained basically every day and playing with your kids. They love it.

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