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Monday, August 25, 2008

FHE funny!

Ok so I couldn't wait to post this. Tonight at FHE we talked about the angel gabriel visiting Zacharias and Mary announcing that they would have a baby etc. Justin was telling the story and said something so cute. He said That Zacharias and Elisabeth would have the baby "John the BATHTUB" Rob and I just looked at each other and tried not to laugh because he just kept on going not realizing or thinking he had said anything wrong. And so serious. He was so cute. He is so smart, he told the whole story all by himself and didn't miss a beat. He loves the scriptures and remembers the stories so well, I am so impressed by him. He has such an amazing testimony already. I love you Justin.


Carlye Momma said...

Isn't that his name??? I've always called him John the Bathtub. WOOPS!

Amy & Mark Dial said...

So cute. Makes senses right. LOL