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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ward Campout!

This last weekend we went up to our ward campout. The kids were so excited to go camping. And they had a lot of fun too. Here are some photos of the fun time we had. I didn't include any photos of Rob and I cleaning the bathrooms since that wasn't our favorite part. We did a scavanger hunt which was fun too but I was so busy doing it that I didn't snap any photos. And I must say the dutch oven cooking contest was great! Yummy. GOOD Job all. I need to gather some new recipees I think. And the breakfast the next morning was good too. My kids also said they loved singing around the fire. I think Justin just likes fire in general he said his least favorite thing was that daddy wouldn't let him burn sticks or throw things in the fire, but he liked everything else. Poor kid. Katie liked making and eating smores, she takes after me I guess. And Megan loved seeing all the animals run around.
Rob enjoyed running the zip line and I just loved being in the fresh mountain air, and I was happy the kids all slept through the night (not something that normally takes place while camping) sorry to the bishops family who didn't get that. I will admit having a slippery sleeping bag on a slippery therma rest and being on a slight hill did mean that I had to do the worm several times in the middle of the night, but if that was the worst of my night trials I'll take it. Becky was so cute with her bear spray, we all fealt more protected just having her around. I don't think banging 2 sticks together would have helped us. Kim was my favorite zip line contender and all the little kids whose dads had to carry them up on the platform. I think we all loved watching Paige dance and sing around the fire. Basically it was fun thanks to everyone who was there to make it that way. Thanks Tracy for all your hard work.

Megan waving in front of the tent.

Justin and the other kids on the nature walk catching butterflies and moths. He was so facinated in them. And so excited that they would land on his hand. He just kept saying "cool mom cool".

Rob helping everyone do the Zip Line!

Cute Katie waiting for her turn to do the Zip line.

Brooklyn and Katie playing together, kaite getting her harness on. (This is Katies best friend).

Justin on the Zipline, he had so much fun he did this several times and if we had more time he would have gone even more.

Katie on the Zipline, I wasn't sure if she would do this but she did and we were so proud of her. And she liked it too.

Katie getting off the zipline with chamie helping her. She was so little and so cute I couldn't believe how much fun she had.

Me on the zipline!! Yeah. I liked going upside down that was fun!

Rob getting off the zipline, after Matt took over the perch on the stand.

Justin searching for grasshoppers, they were everywhere and he along with the other kids was having a great time catching all the little critters.

Here he is on the ground gathering the grasshoppers into his hand. At one time he had two in his hand he was showing someone the hoppers and one jumped up on Justins head, forgetting that he had a second one in his hand he took that hand and smacked his head smashing the one in his hand and the one on his forehead. Silly boy! But he didn't care he just wiped it off and kept on searching for more. I will say he wanted to bring them home to put in a cage my one goal was to do all I could to avoid that from happening. Mom won that bet. I also made them take all shoes off before getting into the car it had rained actually downpoured just before we arrived the night before so needless to say it was VERY muddy.

Katie is all buckled into Megans carrier, eating a cracker. She was so funny.

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