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Monday, August 25, 2008

Fun with friends!

This last weekend We had one of Rob's best friends over and his family for some badmitten, talking, swinging, jumping on the tramp, etc. I made pot pie in the dutch oven and peach cobbler and it turned out pretty good. (Can I just say I love to cook dutch oven I think that ever since Brighton camp this has become one of my favorite past times, it is so fun to create new things and try new experiments). Heidi made some yummy huckleberry honey and rolls. The kids all had so much fun playing together and we adults enjoyed some adult time too. Here is Rob and Eric talking.
Heidi with their new baby Luke. Isn't he so adorable.

Tiana, Justin and Katie playing on the swings.

Megan got into some trouble tonight, Justin had gotten into some frosting that I had had in the storage room and put it in the play kitchen. Apparently Megan found it and enjoyed every bit of it. She left a nice amount of chocolate on all the toys, on the carpet, every stair as she climbed up, etc. To say the least chocolate was everywhere. She looked messy. And Justin apologized for getting into it in the first place. Megan was happy though that he did.

Megan playing with baby Luke! She loves babies so much.

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Turnbow Family said...

chocolate is pretty tasty, that looks like it was a fun mess to clean up, although you always have to remember that it could have been worse!